Dermodality Cascade Retinol 10 Peel


Cascade Retinol 10 Peel is a highly effective cell stimulating and resurfacing hybrid peel. Using high concentrations of Retinol, Retinyl palmitate and Lactic Acid provides for excellent controlled exfoliation while stimulating growth factors (Pure retinol) that ultimately cascades into retinoic acid, (the active form of vitamin A present in Retin-A) after its absorption into the skin. The process takes 4-5 hours for maximum conversion. Most people will enjoy a light exfoliation, similar to a glycolic peel in the 20% without the irritation or risk. While clinically proven to help thicken the dermis, as well as allowing for great changes from a resurfacing level, making it one of the industry’s most versatile next level peels.



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