I’ve been going to Hallie Latos for my skincare for nearly a year and my skin has never looked better. Before going to Hallie I had zero experience with skincare. My Wife had be going to Hallie and I noticed how great her skin looked. She convinced me to go to Hallie for a couple of treatments and I am so glad I did. My skin looks and feels so much better. From years of sun exposure and really not doing anything for my skin. Hallie put together an easy to follow program specifically for me. After a couple of months I noticed that the dark spots on my face and all the age spots at the top of my forehead were fading, my skin looked more youthful and healthy and some of my wrinkles started to soften. I’m a very satisfied with the level of service I get from Hallie and she’s always checking in to see how my skin is doing. Good service is one thing, I am actually seeing the results! I’m so glad that my Wife suggested I see Hallie. I recommend her without hesitation.

Wade Murphy
Rancho Palos Verdes


If you are looking for a person to help you with any skin issues you may have, then Hallie is the person for you. Not only is she totally knowledgeable about the latest and greatest treatments for your skin, she is fun and a delight to spend time with. You can tell she truly WANTS you to have beautiful skin.
I absolutely positively highly recommend her!!

S.S., Bend, OR  


I recommend Hallie to everyone I know. She is so knowledgable about skin care and the latest and greatest in treatments. My favorite treatment is her Rena Levi Deep peel. It has worked wonders on my skin as far as lightening my sun spots and helping smooth my wrinkles and fine lines. It is so exfoliating and my skin looks fresh and radiant for weeks afterward. She has fabulous products for aftercare as well to help me maintain the health of my skin until my next appointment. I love the Clear Choice sunscreen! Your skin will thank you after a visit to Hallie.

J.F., Los Angeles, CA 


Hallie has brought my skin back to life! I came in with really bad acne and she has taught me so much about taking care of my skin. I love all her treatments especially her derma planing, pumpkin peels, and skin care products. The derma planing feels so good to exfoliate all the dead skin and hair off my face. Her pumpkin peel smells so good I could lick it off my face. It brings such an amazing glow to my skin while getting out all of my impurities. Every time I go see Hallie my skin always looks 100x better than when I walked in. She is a true talent!

P.F., Los Angeles, CA 


I have been seeing Hallie Latos for 21 years and I’ve always gotten compliments on my skin. When I first started seeing her I had brown spots on my skin and some acne. I also had some broken capillaries and at the time Hallie was even taking care of those. With time and patience my skin began to change and radiate with glow and my spots and acne disappeared. She knew exactly what to do and how to handle my skin. She knows just what to do with your skin! She is definitely well worth your time and your skin will never look better!

T.G., Torrence, CA 


I have been seeing Hallie for almost 10 years. My family and I are River rats and have been for years. So when I came to her, my skin had a lot of sun damage. But Hallie has taught me with her knowledge and products how to take care of my skin. I have been seeing her every couple months for treatments and peels. Her prices are half the price that you would pay at a dermatologist office. I don’t wear foundation because I don’t like to AND I don’t need to. I get compliments on my face all the time. I recommend Hallie a lot to people who are interested in skin care.

G.K., Torrance, CA 


I have suffered from Melasma most of my adult life… In December of 2012, I received a gift certificate to Best Skin by Hallie and my life has changed ever since!  Hallie has done wonders for my Melasma and it will be a process with a beautiful out-come! Her product also does wonders for my skin and it just drinks it right up and feels so baby soft with a glow!  Even my lady boss said yesterday how good my skin was looking! I highly recommend Hallie Latos – Best Skin by Hallie and her many wonderful products!

S. O., – School Administrator 


I must be the luckiest person to have ever had you cross my path, thanks.

D.W., Palos Verdes, CA 


I am a 21 year old college graduate who has suffered from minor acne and dry skin. I love the h2t Beta/Hydroxy foaming cleanser and the Osmosis “calm” and “clarify”. The Osmosis mineral makup is amazing. It is complete coverage without causing irritation to my skin. The pressed powder does not make me look chalky and the concealer covers up just about anything and is great for under the eyes.. especially because it has a moisturizing stick on the other end. This is so convenient for traveling because you can use it for a cuticle stick, lip moisturizer, and it also helps to set your eye shadow. The products are really the best that I have ever used! I will never go back to “store bought” products.

K. L., – Recent College Graduate 


I have known Hallie Latos for over 10 years. She has always been very passionate and professional about her work and keeps herself in sync with the latest products and techniques. Her clinic provides a warm and pleasant environment, which is so much nicer and more comfortable than a doctor’s office. My 80 year old mother, my teenage son and daughter as well as myself have all seen Hallie for various skin treatments. We have all been very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend her to anyone who wants a clearer, younger and healthier complexion.

C.W., Torrance, CA


As an airline pilot and an outdoor enthusiast, I have been exposed to more than my share of sun and consequently suffered from sun damage and brown spots. Thank goodness, I found Best Skin by Hallie. She has completely cleared my brown spots. In fact, at 55 my skin looks and feels better than it ever has. I attribute my skin rejuvenation to her wonderful peels, products and especially her amazing sunscreens. Thanks Hallie!

B. B. J., Redondo Beach, CA 


My name is Sharon, and I’m a retired French teacher of 40 years. For 15 years I’ve been having facials with Hallie, and I can’t say enough about her. I go monthly, and Hallie is always trying new things on me She constantly is going to workshops to better herself and her clients. I’m 71, and because of Hallie I look 55. Give her a try. You won’t regret it.

S.F., Long Beach, CA 


Hallie’s holistic approach to skin emphasizes the skin’s overall health over targeted short-term results. I had acne for many years treating it with a combination of abrasive cleansers and antibiotics. Even when the acne was reduced, the results were unsustainable and overall my skin did not feel comfortably my own. Hallie approached my skin at first conservatively. Only when my skin was hydrated and healthy would I be able to have a more sustainable reduction in my acne. Gradually different topical items were added to complement the steps taken to rejuvenate the health of my skin and reach my intended results. The protection and health of my face was always the first priority. I would absolutely recommend Hallie and her products.

A.F., Palos Verdes, CA